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Keynote Holley Murchison

Professional speaker Holley Murchison joined us and gave a motivational and interactive talk on how to uncover and embrace our story, gifts, talents, and purpose.

Panel 1

This panel covers:

Rafael Pantoja from Facebook

Anita Garcia from Cal State University Monterey Bay

Morgan Maitoza from Cal Giant Berries

Michael Kelly from Plantronics. 

Panel 2

This panel covers:

Digital Arts & Technology

Joseph Sandoval from Adobe

Dr. Christine Levan from Kaiser Permanente

Steve Rhyans from SmartWash Solutions

Closing Keynote

Tom Chavez CEO of the Chavez Family Foundation, and Elena Chavez Sr. Director of Expanding access to Opportunity at the San Francisco Foundation and Head of Investments of the Chavez Family Foundation joined us for this closing keynote session to offer their career advice and their respective journeys to success. 

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