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Opening Keynote

Guy Kawasaki, CANVA evangelist, author, and entrepreneur shares how he's been inspired by his family history and 10 key points that help guide his success.

Panel 1

This panel covers:

​Sarah Hulick - Grower Innovation Manager for Full Harvest
Greg Wimp - Entrepreneur and community Leader
Javier Arevalo - commercial account Executive from Salesforce

Panel 1

This panel covers:

Consuelo Alba - Founder and Executive Director of the Watsonville Film Festival

David Sieburg - CEO and Creative Director at Impact Creative

Eddy Ortega - Senior Producer at Funomena and Independent game designer.

Panel 2

This panel covers:

Jose Fernandez - Sr. Software Engineer at Netflix
Paola Renteria - Data Analyst in Engineering of Product &
Design at Looker
Javier De Leon an Enterprise Systems Engineer at Github

Closing Keynote

Eliana Murillo, Founder and CEO of Eliment and Company, and former Head and founder of Multicultural Marketing at Google, joined us to share her journey and how she strived to become the successful entrepreneur that she is today. 

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