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Build your skills, networks and new career paths.  



See all that is possible for your professional future, understand why diversity matters, and learn how to be part of a truly inclusive workplace.


Find opportunities and people that will help you realize your career aspirations.  

NEST Flight 2019 conference is THE platform to launch you into tech-empowered careers.  Be inspired, learn competitive skills, expand your professional world, and be part of a movement redefining diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Digital NEST Brings You Flight

We're the social enterprise shaking up workforce development

Digital NEST is an ultra modern approach to workforce development for Latina/o youth (ages high school to 24 years-old) living in the rural, agriculture based cities of Watsonville and Salinas, CA. The locus of the Digital NEST’s work are the “NESTs” themselves: place-based, technology-rich, open-learning career development centers.


At the NESTs, youth have the latest digital technology at their fingertips, access to powerful skill-based training programs, and a transformative professionally-minded community. By layering in training, technology and community Digital NEST feeds our local youth’s deep desire for purposeful pursuits in higher education, entrepreneurship and careers in a tech-driven, 21st century economy.

NEST Flight was born out of our team's desire to bring together a diverse community of young talent with leading, inclusive minded professionals to uncover our collective hidden potential when we tackle inequality together.

Build, Grow, Take Flight

It's more than an event. We're taking you on a journey.

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