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What's different about NEST Flight 2021? 

For our past two conferences, NEST Flight has been an in-person event held in the heart of Watsonville, CA This year due to COVID19 we wanted to bring NEST Flight to you! Have the opportunity to hear amazing keynote speakers, join panels and workshops, and network with other young professionals all from the comfort of your home! 

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What is NEST Flight?

NEST Flight is a one-of-a-kind youth conference designed to provide talented students with inspiration, education and professional connections to jump-start their career journeys.


Who is NEST Flight for?

We welcome college students, and any youth 25 and under as priority. We welcome young professionals who are currently trying to figure out their career path or have already figured it out but could use some motivation. 


Who is putting on the conference?

The conference is hosted by Digital NEST, non-profit, high-tech training and collaboration space for young people. You can find out how to become a member at


What is the conference like?

We’ve put together a day of speakers, hands-on workshops, powerful panel discussions and one of a kind networking opportunities — all designed to help students propel their careers.


Is everything at the conference free?

Everything at the conference is free thanks to Digital NEST and our amazing sponsors!


What happens if I need to leave early?

To get the most out of the experience we encourage everyone to stay for the entire day. If you need to leave early, please feel free to discreetly leave the conference without disturbing others.

What does the title at the bottom of my badge mean?

The banner title at the bottom of your badge is your group name. Groups were formed based on your age range. You will be attending panels, workshops and the Opportunity Hall with people who are in a similar stage in their careers, which helps presenters, mentors, and panelists make the experience more relevant to you.

What is the Mentor lunch?

Birds of a Feather is the fun name we gave to the lunch hour. During lunch, you will be in a group with a mentor that will answer your questions about what it’s like to work in their field and company.


What is the Opportunity Hall?  

Opportunity Hall is similar to a job fair. You will find representatives from different companies tabling there that can answer your questions about their companies, internships they offer, job opportunities and more. Have your business cards ready!


What if I lose something?

If you have lost an item please check in our Lost & Found at Digital NEST 318 Union St.



What if I didn’t register on Eventbrite?

It’s important that you register for events because it helps the logistics team know what to expect and plan for it, however, if you received an acceptance email, you should be good to go! We have your badge and your swag bag ready for you.


What if I bring a friend? Can they come?

Encourage your friends to join you, BUT have them register via Eventbrite before the conference. We don’t encourage attendees to bring friends who have not applied in advance. If you do have a friend with you the day of, you may ask the registration/check-in team if there are any spots available, however, swag bags and pre-printed badges are only for participants who applied through our online system and received an official invite.

May I have more than one swag bag?

We provide one bag per participant.


If I don’t make it, can I still get a SWAG bag?

No, SWAG bags are for attendees who participate in the conference.

Can I change tracks?

We do not recommend that you change tracks. We put a lot of thought into how we created groups and trust that you will have a great experience in the one you are in.

How are attendees selected?

All attendees must apply for NEST Flight online and receive confirmation from the NEST Flight selection committee with an invitation from the conference.

How Much is Registration? Are there scholarships available for attendees that need it? 

We are not charging for registration this year. 

How do you recommend I dress for the conference? 

Business Casual is recommended for the conference as you will be meeting with potential mentors, company representatives, and other professionals. We will provide a link to outfit ideas - check back here closer to the event! 


#NESTFlight FAQ's

Do you have any more questions? 

Email us at 

We'll get back to you as soon as we can! 

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