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  • What is NEST Flight?
    NEST Flight is a one-of-a-kind career development conference for students and young professionals (17-24), designed to provide aspiring and talented individuals with inspiration, education and professional connections to jump-start their career journeys.
  • Will NEST Flight 2023 be in person?
    NEST Flight 2023 will be a fully virtual experience, to allow you to enjoy the conference from the comfort of your home. This allows the opportunity to bring mentors from all across the world and for youth to join from all across California's central coast and beyond without having to worry about transportation!
  • Who is NEST Flight for?
    We welcome college students, and any youth and young professionals ages 17 to 27. We welcome young professionals who are currently trying to figure out their career path or have already figured it out but could use some motivation. **We will not turn others away outside of this age range who would like to benefit from this experience. Just please note that the content and prizes will be geared more for attendees between 17 and 27.
  • When can I register?
    Registration opened in early March, and will be open until the last day of the conference on May 5th! You can register here:
  • How much will this conference cost?
    NEST Flight 2023 is completely free to attend!
  • Is NEST Flight a full 2 day conference?
    We will host the conference virtually over 2 days, check out the agenda below to get a sense of time commitment for each day! (More detailed agenda available on our website) WEDNESDAY, MAY 4th 3rd, 5PM - 8PM THURSDAY, MAY 5th, 10AM - 6PM
  • Will this conference be live or pre-recorded?
    All of the conference content will be live, including our panels, workshops, and our keynote speakers! The sessions will all be recorded and shared out afterwards for folks who couldn't make certain sessions.
  • Who is putting on the conference?
    The conference is hosted by Digital NEST. Learn more about the org and how to become a member of the NEST here:

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