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NEST Flight conference is designed to create a unique experience for young professionals venturing out to explore their career journey. Whether you’re about to graduate high school, a college student, or a recent college graduate - this conference is designed with you in mind. 

Our goal is to bring you notable speakers, insightful panel sessions and workshops, and opportunities to network and grow your connections. 


Event Highlights

Kawasaki's Keynote Session


Hear what Past Attendees 

had to say about their Experience at NESTFLIGHT:

My favorite parts of the conference were getting advice from my mentor during lunch, and Guy Kawasaki telling us about his life, and what drove him to where he is today.


My favorite part of the conference was connecting with people in the same field as me during the mentor lunch and having the chance to meet companies during the opportunity hall.


The energy of the overall conference was my favorite part. There's something about meeting people from the same neighborhood that gives so much motivation. I was really excited about the mentor lunch element of the conference as well.


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