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Why You Should
Become a Sponsor
of NEST FLIGHT 2023?

Be a part of a conference that helps diverse and talented youth and young professionals propel their careers!

We will be having 200+ youth join us to experience inspiring keynote speakers, join in on live panels and workshops, and have opportunities to build their networks. Help us open doors of opportunity!

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Sponsorship is one of the best ways to establish your organization as a thought leader and to highlight your commitment to: 

Tapping into a pool of diverse candidates to fill internships and entry level job opportunities!

Mixing, mingling and hearing from youth about the jobs and careers they are excited about pursuing. 

Increasing brand exposure for your organization to the next generation of tech empowered workers that reside in your backyard.

Helping youth prepare for and pursue careers that are needed in your business, organization, or industry. 


What are the

Sponsorship Levels?

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For questions about Sponsorship please contact
Sandra Pineda 

*opportunities to become a NEST Employer Partner are also available!*

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